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Open Orchestra is Open Source, fast, highly customizable and extensible, multi-sites, multi-devices. It will fit to your needs, whatever they are.
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Version 1.1.0 updated on April 28th 2016Changelog


The key values of Open Orchestra

Why Open Orchestra makes the difference with other platforms?

Digital Publishing

Open Orchestra provides a full featured Digital Publishing Platform with all the best practices for Content Management and Digital strategies


Open Orchestra provides a powerful API and a core fully extensible. Based on noSQL database, its model is schemaless, but it's possible to replace it with traditional relational databases.

Open Source

Open Orchestra is based on the best current Open Source technologies and is itself Open Source, available on 

An intuitive Administration panel

The Open Orchestra backend bundle provides an intuitive and clear interface to help you with the content and data management.


All is made to help and guide developers to make high quality and efficient code in a fully extensible and documented core model.

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main features

  • Content Creation

    Use modular layout system and Rich text editor with BBCode extensions to create your content online.

  • Easy Installation

    Multiple provisioning systems are available to install Open Orchestra.

  • All is extensible

    Open Orchestra has been designed to be adapted to any situation. Everything can be extended or replaced, including the database.

  • Global Optimized Performances

    Open Orchestra uses all the power of Symfony and multiple caching layers to deliver excellent performance, regardless of hosting.

  • Drag&Drop Layout management

    Drag&Drop the components (blocks) to build your page templates and layouts. All is made to allow you to create easily your own components.

  • Dynamic Content Types

    Create content types with multiple combinations of fields in the dedicated administration panel without coding. You can create and customize your own fields.

  • Powerful Content Tagging

    Create unlimited keywords and tags to filter and manage your content.

  • Multi-Site Support

    Open Orchestra is a multi-site platform with multiple aliases and parameters dedicated to each site.

  • Multi-Language Support

    All contents and pages are natively managed with multi-language support, depending on the hosted site.

  • Multi-device Support

    The code engine is already designed to manage device alternatives content or behaviors for each component with and adaptive process to recognize the client browser.

  • Image Media Processing

    Dynamic image manipulation to resize or to crop directly into the media library.

  • Easy Front Customization

    No need to start from scratch, use the Front Bundle example to modify the code to your needs.

  • Powerful API

    Open Orchestra provides a powerful REST API to expose content for any client application (web, mobile, TV, etc...).

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Open Source spirit

Open Orchestra is an open source project hosted on GitHub, All the source code and quality tools reportings are fully available.

The backend is based on the best current open-source technologies available.


Open Orchestra has the flexibility to supply all kinds of sites, thanks to its modular architecture. Any component can be a separate application and can coexist with others to build professional business digital systems.