Open Orchestra provides a lot of features: this page gives you an overview.

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Publishing platform

  • Multi-Site Support

    Open Orchestra is a multi-site platform with multiple dedicated parameters for each site. The main advantage of leveraging multi-site support is for managing content and users across multiple sites from a single UI.

  • Multiple Domains

    Multiple domains or aliases can be set for each Open Orchestra site within the same database and installation.

  • Per site System Configuration

    Each site can have its own parameters, language, features, rights, design, and metadata.

  • Multi-Language Support

    All pages and contents are managed natively with multi-language support, depending on the website. Each site can have its own language and be independent from others.

  • Multi-device Support

    The code engine is designed to already manage recognition systems and have device alternative rendering for each component with adaptive processes depending on the client browser.

Page Management

  • Drag&Drop Layout management

    Drag&Drop components (blocks) to build your page templates and layouts. All is made to allow you to create easily your own components.

  • Master Template Management

    Templates can be setup as master templates to be used in multiple pages.

  • Intuitive site structure

    Hierarchical pages management with visual tree view and drag&drop positioning.

  • Modular Page system

    Pages are built by addition of modules which have their own behavior and management rules.

  • Internal link wizard

    Open Orchestra provides a wizard to generate links to other pages and content with a powerful filtering system.

  • Preview Page

    Preview the draft version of your pages from the Admin panel and for all available aliases.

  • Transversal pages

    Transversal pages allow to contribute global modules once, but displayed on all pages like headers or footers.

Content management

  • Content Creation

    Use modular layout system and Rich text editor with BBCode extensions to create your content online.

  • Custom Content Types

    Create content types with multiple combinations of fields in a dedicated administration panel.

  • Custom Fields

    You can associate a large range of predefined field types to define a content type. You can create your own custom fields by extending the existing ones.

  • Powerful Content Tagging

    Create unlimited keywords and tags to filter and manage your contents.

  • True WYSIWYG editor

    Write all your content in a full-featured and customizable online editor. A BBCode tagging system helps you to create your own custom tags.

  • Integrated search

    Automatically index your contents to make them searchable with the built-in search tool, based on ElasticSearch.

Asset Management

  • Hierarchical Media Library

    The Media Library allows you to manage images, documents, videos, and more in a hierarchical organization of folders.

  • Resizing and Cropping Images

    Dynamic image manipulation to resize or to crop directly in the media library.

  • Media Types

    Open Orchestra natively supports a lot of native images, videos, file formats. You can add your own media types by extending existing ones.

  • Direct access to media library

    The content an page management have a direct access to the media library without exiting the edition mode.

  • File Abstraction Layer

    The media library has an abstraction layer to manage media files in various file systems including cloud platforms (e.g. Amazon S3, Dropbox, Azure, OpenCloud, FTP, etc...).

  • Multi Upload

    Supports one or multiple images upload with HTML5 Drag-and-Drop support.

  • Automatic image optimisation

    Auto-resizing and automatic optimisation engine for contributed images : it's the guarantee to reduce the weight of your pages.

Security management

  • Users, Groups and Roles

    You can associate users to Groups and Roles to define contents and pages accesses and rights.

  • Granular access rights

    Permissions are defined by each Backend module with prebuilt rights. All can be set for individual user or group for entire websites, individual pages or even for extensions and specific content elements. You can extend by code the security coverage and granularity.

  • Manage security per sites

    Groups are managed by websites and a user can have different rights depending on sites.

  • Advanced workflow and approval process

    Open Orchestra offers a fully customizable workflow process with configurable states.

  • Activity logging

    All activities in the Backend panel is logged and accessible in dedicated Backend entry with filter features.

  • Versioning

    The contents and pages have an unlimited versioning. You can save a published state of the content so that it can be reverted at a later date.

  • CSRF

    All Backend forms have protection against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) thanks to the Symfony Form security management.

UI management

  • Intuitive Backend

    The site is organized and displayed in the Backend in a page-tree format that duplicates the structure of the site. This makes finding pages and files easy for content editors.

  • Easy Front Customization

    No need to start from scratch, use the Front Bundle example to modify the code for your needs.

  • Flexible designs

    Open Orchestra imposes no limits or constraints to the front design. It provides a philosophy to divide your front integration in modules and the ability to manage in the Backend the associated business rules. There are no limits.

  • Design Uncoupled

    Each site can have its own theme and design. You can have multi-brand or multi-countries sites in the same instance.

  • Responsive and Adaptive Frontend

    You can have AWD (Adaptive Web Design) and RWD (Responsive Web Design) together for the best mobile experience and performance in the same site without managing different sites depending on the devices.


  • SEO Friendly

    SEO capabilities are served by a Human-readable URLs generation and full metadata management.

  • Routing and redirection

    Powerful routing and redirection optimised system guarantee performances and good SEO maintenability.

  • Robots.txt and Sitemaps

    Optimized robots.txt and sitemap generation (with priority and periodicity) per hosts with static pre-generation to improve performances.


  • High Performance

    Open Orchestra uses all the power of Symfony and multiple cache layers to deliver great performance, regardless of hosting

  • Automatic caching

    The advanced caching system gives you total control of the cache lifetime of each blocks in your pages. Each bloc has it's own caching policy and use ESI.

  • NoSQL Database

    Open Orchestra is driven by the performance, the flexibility and the capacity of MongoDb database. But traditional databases can be implemented thanks to dedicated available interfaces.

  • Load-Balancing & Webfarms Support

    Open Orchestra is designed to be hosted on multi-servers configuration with dedicated hosts for frontend, Backend and media. It's natively CDN compliant.


  • Bundles

    Open Orchestra is able to be plugged with the huge variety of Symfony 2 bundles provided by the community.

  • Extensible by Design

    The Open Orchestra core has been designed to be adapted to any situation. Everything can be extended or replaced, including the database.

  • Powerful API

    Open Orchestra has a powerful REST API to expose content for any client application (web, mobile, TV, etc...).

  • Service oriented

    Open Orchestra can be easily integrated with other technologies, platforms or Enterprise IS.

Development Platform

  • Symfony2 Full Stack

    Built on Symfony 2 full stack, Open Orchestra provides a great implementation of a fully operational Banckend with a full modular approach and turned to all the Digital Publishing needs.

  • Integration with Elastic Search

    The integration with Elastic Search is ready to index the pages and contents.

  • Built-in ORM

    By using Doctrine 2, even if the standard version is built for MongoDB, you can adapt Open Orchestra for other databases (Mysql, Postgresl, Oracle, etc…).

  • RESTful Web Services API

    By it's own API layer with annotation system, you can build all your business objects in a true RESTful approach.

  • Continuous integration

    The core bundles respect all the continuous integration chain with Travis, Scrutinizer, Blackfire, sensiolLabsInsight and so on...

  • Devops

    Provisioning configurations for Vagrant or Docker are available to help you to build your own development and deployment workflow and environments.

  • CLI Tools

    Open Orchestra provides command line tools using Symfony Console module to pre-generate code for your needs.


  • Online Documentation

    An online documentation is available to help you to implement Open Orchestra.

  • Best technologies

    The Backend is based on the best current open-source technologies : Symfony Full stack, Twig, Doctrine, Bootstrap, Backbone, Grunt.

  • Stability of the system

    All the platform is permanently controlled by a lot of unit tests (more than 2000) and is included in a full Continuous integration processes with Travis/Scrutinizer, profiling with Blackfire, and more…

  • Reliable bug fixing policy

    The most bugs are revealed during the core bundles development phase. Any developer can declare issues in Github repository, the Core team makes all its possible to fix them ASAP.

  • Easily upgradable and clear upgrade path

    The Open Orchestra team is very sensitive to the backwards compatibility. By the way, by making frequent upgrades when new minor versions are published, you can guarantee the be up to date with a minimum of efforts.

  • Open Source

    Open Orchestra is fully open source, under the Apache 2 licence.

  • Sponsored by Business&Decision

    The Open Orchestra project is sponsored by Business&Decision a global consulting and systems integration (CSI) Group.

  • Professional Support

    The Open Orchestra team can provide Professional services and full Enterprise support.